Bless with Gentleness

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This Day With God

After the death of Jacob, we read in Genesis 50 that Joseph requested that his father be buried in the land of Canaan. Since Joseph was in good standing with Pharaoh, he was granted his wish. So Joseph, along with his brothers and the servants of Pharaoh took the embalmed body of Jacob to the land of Canaan to be buried.

Upon their return to Egypt, Joseph’s brothers were concerned that he would take revenge on them for what they had done in the past. Joseph didn’t take revenge but instead explained that God had used the situation to help save their people. He reassured his brothers; blessing them with gentleness and telling them that their families would be provided for.

Joseph influenced those around him with his gentleness and compassion. We should strive to do the same when wronged. The best thing we can do when someone hurts us…

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