Ice Storm

Ice 1

So…this is what we were dealing with around here today. Yowza! Snow is one thing, but ice causes all kinds of issues out on the roads and in general.

A few upsides. Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel mentioned several of my tweets for work. Gotta love that. And, I took my camera out for the first time in a long time. Snapped a few pics of the icy coating on my car. Good times.

Hope it’s warmer wherever you are. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ice Storm”

  1. We had a bad winter here Brian. It last for about 2 days or maybe less! Miami always misses out on all the exciting weather the rest of the country gets to experience! 😦 Stay Warm!!


  2. We are getting the ice sleet and snow starting tomorrow evening, I guess up to five inches between ice and snow. How many more days stuck inside again! LOL. Come on Spring!



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