5 thoughts on “Remarkable Ways”

  1. This was good. Right now I am wondering what God wants from me. I find myself lost in the blogging world. It has slowly slipped down since Al passed. I can’t seem to find anything interesting enough to write about. Maybe because I am still finding my way, where I belong or fit in after being a caregiver for so many years. I ask God this morning if he wants me to quit blogging. There is a very soft hint of a yes going through my mind. I am not sure if it is him or my own voice when I see the lack of visitors or comments. I write to enrich someone’s day, but I am doing no one good when I have nothing to write about. Any thoughts on my wacky mind thinking Brian? I trust your thoughts because you follow God as I do


    1. Hey thanks for sharing, Terry. We heard something at church the other day and while it sounds simple, it really makes sense. It’s what we should do, well, at any time…but particularly when there is something we are not sure about. Pray and obey. And it seems you’re on your way to getting a solution to your uncertainty. Keep asking Him. And see if that hint of yes is coming from Him…then you’ll have more clarity. As for me and blogging, I have taken various breaks the past few years. None of them have been very long but there have definitely been times when I have blogged more than others. If the Holy Spirit puts it on my heart to write a message of encouragement or something along those lines, I write it. Otherwise, if I have something interesting to share I will. But aside from that…if I don’t post anything I have learned to accept that. If you keep blogging, that’s great. It’s a good outlet for a lot of emotions and just fun as you know. If not, that’s great too. You can focus more on taking care of you and getting wherever it is you and God feel you need to be. And it doesn’t mean you can’t resume blogging later…just something to remember. It doesn’t have to be ‘the end’ of the blog if you’re concerned about that. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision, whatever it is. God will take you where He wants you to go!


      1. You gave me a thought I hadn’t had before, forever. If I stop blogging, it doesn’t mean forever. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, thank you, it helps seeing it from a different angle. I still don’t know the answers but I am going to keep asking God what next. thanks so much Brian

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