One Year Anniversary of Washington, Illinois Tornado

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the tornadoes that swept through Illinois on a November Sunday morning. Devastation was everywhere. It was hard to comprehend exactly what had happened.

Much progress has been made though, and cities like Washington, Illinois are rebuilding and coming back stronger than ever. People have been helping people ever since that day and God is doing some great things in this community.

This short video is from this morning’s prayer service in Washington.

5 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of Washington, Illinois Tornado”

  1. It is still blowing my mind that we had tornadoes last November, even where I lived. It just doesn’t happen in that time of year, but by the video it also shows God is with us even in the hard times

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    1. So true Terry. He loves us through it all! And yeah seriously, a November tornado…agreed that it is still somewhat hard to believe. Hope you are doing well, my friend.



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