Hurricane Charley – Ten Years Later

As ‘Throwback Thursdays’ go, this one has a lot of meaning for me. I’m taking you back 10 years to August 14, 2004 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…

Yes that’s me, reporting as Hurricane Charley came ashore that day. It was the highlight of my television news career and a day I’ll never forget.

Here’s some more footage from our day-long live broadcast on WPDE NewsChannel 15.

Have a great day everyone.

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Charley – Ten Years Later”

  1. I’m impressed! A one who dabbles in the public speaking sphere, your extemporaneous skills are commendable. Was unaware that your spent time in the Myrtle Beach area but now it makes sense from some of your earlier vacation posts. 🙂 I suspect you get this frequently but you dolook like you were about 16 years old. 🙂 And that is meant as a compliment.

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    1. Eric, many thanks for your kind words here…and for taking the time to watch some of the footage! Yes, Myrtle Beach was home for about six years. I enjoyed my time there. The state’s motto is ‘Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places’ and I can attest that they are being truthful when they say that! And haha thanks for the compliment. I had to wear glasses and change my hairstyle when I anchored the news for the very reason you described. 🙂



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