High Reaching Help

(Note to my regular readers: This is my Positive Press entry for the week, with a personal touch!)

Soccer fever was in full swing this past week and with the World Cup action heating up, my boys and I decided to head out to Bradley Park in Peoria Tuesday night to play a game of our own.

After doing that, we took a walk around the park. The boys wanted to do some exploring and it’s a great place to do that. Well, as we were walking back to our car the urge to just kick the ball as high as I could sort of took over, and so I did…right into one of the tallest trees around us.

That’s right, the soccer ball got stuck in the tree. The top of the tree. The top of the tallest tree we could see. It was way up there. Bummer!

After numerous attempts at throwing things up there to try to get it down, we gave up for the night. Not to be defeated, I returned Thursday afternoon on my lunch break, armed with a football and ready to make the perfect pass to knock it down.

I’d like to say I hit the target but after about two dozen throws and subsequently, a throbbing pain in my arm, I began to realize I might not be able to get this thing down.

Cue Mark Varichak, with the Peoria Park District. He was patrolling the park and drove by as I was no doubt looking like a fool, launching a football 50 feet toward the top of a tree attempting to fetch a lost soccer ball. He could have kept on driving. Heck, I wouldn’t have blamed him for laughing as he drove off. But he didn’t.

Instead, this happened…

Thanks so much for your help, Mark. Much appreciated! Hope to see you out at the park again – just not with a soccer ball stuck in a tree next time.

Soccer Ball


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