Happy Valentine’s Day

From a couple of years ago…some thoughts on Valentine’s Day, and being loved.

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Very few days of the year have the polarizing effect that you do.

Let’s face it, a whole lot of people either love or hate this holiday depending on where they are in life.

For lovebirds it can be the most romantic day of the year and a day to celebrate your relationship with your loved one. For those who have lost love or simply not found it yet, it can be a day that is dreaded like few others. As with countless others out there, I’ve experienced both sides of this.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it seems people have a tendency to place a high level of importance on being with someone and sharing love. Nothing wrong with that of course, but keeping it in perspective is important.

Those of us who really want love in our lives are going to go through ups and downs in the process…

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