Myrtle Beach

…was amazing. What a great trip.

We hit the ocean, enjoyed the pools at the hotel, walked along Ocean Boulevard, played at the arcades, saw a hula and fire show, went bowling, bought some souvenirs at the beachwear stores, and were complete tourists in the city where I used to live. It was great.

Saw a bunch of old friends in the process while we were there, which was really terrific. It was good to see my people 🙂 I miss that place. Fun times and some good memories made this past weekend for sure. I’m thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to go.

Until next time, Myrtle Beach…

7 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach”

      1. That’s the spirit! I was doing some clicking on the drive down there, haha. It was quite a haul but totally worth it, always is. Hope to do it again! The boys had a blast. Was happy to see them enjoying it so much.


      2. fantastic! I know when my life changes I am getting out of here either for a big break of different views or for good. I mean life not my blog



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