Yes, relaxing. Don’t forget to do this on occasion, friends πŸ™‚

Glen Oak Lagoon

I relaxed here today. It was nice to unwind for a few hours. You’re looking at Glen Oak Lagoon, located at Glen Oak Park in Peoria. A nice place to just take it easy for a bit, listen to the fountain…and even try to catch a fish or two if you’re so inclined.

Hope your Sunday was spectacular.


12 thoughts on “Relaxing”

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the very nice compliment. I like the outdoors a lot. Always nice to find nice settings…always feel fortunate when it happens!


    1. It’s funny Terry, it’s the kind of place you wouldn’t even know was there if you weren’t looking for it. At the bottom of a hill at the back of a park that is otherwise right in the middle of the city. I’m always trying to find random places like this. My version of an adventure I guess, haha.


      1. we have a park right in the middle of town, but it has a couple of small fountains but it missing the beauty of your photo. Ours is enclosed by all new limestone walls, so new and modern. I like the look of yours, simple, natural and relaxing


      2. That’s cool…and yeah I dunno, seems like there are a number of parks here in Peoria. For not being the biggest city it seems to offer some decent places to escape for a bit. I’m kind of partial to going down by the riverbank but thought I’d mix it up today. A little variety never hurts, right??



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