Seasons of sunshine and seasons of rain.

Amen to this…had to share after reading it today. Hope it’s as encouraging to you as it is to me!

it's only for a season

Some seasons come with rain – a lot of pain, suffering, and tears.

Some seasons come with sunshine –  a lot of happiness, peace, and excitement.

Some seasons come with the blooming of new flowers, a new direction in life, a new beginning.

Other seasons come with the changing and falling of leaves, old things are left behind, circumstances change, an end comes.

Each season on earth is special and unique in its own way and I’m so grateful that God creatively designed each one for us to enjoy.

Sitting here thinking about the different “earthly” seasons of life makes me also think about the spiritual seasons in our lives.

Just like there are different seasons that continue to recur throughout our lives, there are also spiritual seasons that we experience.

Nothing illustrates this clearer than the passage found in Ecclesiastes 3 which talks about there being “a time for everything, and a season

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