Help for Al

Hello friends. I have a special request to mention here today.

From the website, created by my friend Terry:


Al has Parkinson’s Disease and  went into a nursing home as private pay. Medicaid was then applied for when his funds were depleted. He was denied the first try by $8.00. This caused a $7,000.00 debt for his room and board. 

Al is only allotted $52.00 dollars per month and so paying this bill is something he can not do. The next month he was accepted by government programs but he still keeps this debt.
He needs help to cover this. He is very ill and can not walk anymore. He is in great pain each day. He wants to go to heaven but God isn’t ready for him yet. At least this is what I keep telling him.

As his sister, I don’t want him to pass away with this debt lingering. Can you please help him?

If you can help, please click the link to the website above. Thanks so much and God bless!

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