Open Doors of Opportunity!

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open door

Have you ever wanted things to change so badly that you try to make things happen in your own strength? You manipulate things, people, and situations to get what you want, but you still aren’t satisfied in life. True fulfillment comes when you allow God to open the doors of opportunity in your life at the right place and at the right time!

opportunity knocks

God has amazing doors that He wants to open for you if you are able to trust and rely on Him. What is an open door anyway? It’s an opportunity that leads you to a place where you can use your gifts, talents and abilities for God and a place where you will grow spiritually and you will help others grow in God as you flow in your gifting that God has placed on the inside of you! When God opens a door for you; no one…

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4 thoughts on “Open Doors of Opportunity!”

  1. Hi Brian,

    What is is. That is reality. As we put in efforts to try and change this reality, either through our own efforts or by blaming others, we create stress. Is this a worthwhile approach? What else could be our approach?



    1. Good comment, thanks Shakti! Yes, I think perspective is everything. As you said, what is is. How we look at it is really one of the biggest keys to happiness and peace. God provides everything we need (Phil 4:19) even if it’s not always what we want 🙂



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