Trusting God Today

Wonderful words of encouragement that I found on lifewithmisty’s blog today…hope this will encourage you too.



God is able to do far above what we can ask or imagine. Have positive expectations, knowing that there is nothing impossible for God. Time is a trainer, teaching you to wait upon God and to trust Him. Trust is living with a deep dependence on God. Success does not mean that you will never make a mistake or live a perfect life. Perfection is impossible to achieve. True success is falling, stumbling, making mistakes, but all the while learning to rely on God through your weakness. Every time you fall, you grow a little bit closer to God. You grow spiritually. You come to know God more!
Trusting God is not easy at times. We want to figure things out on our own. We want answers and don’t always understand why things are not happening as fast as we think they should. In those times we must lay aside…

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