I rarely talk about being sick because I know there are so many people who have it worse than me whenever I am sick.

In this case, I still know that but will write about it today because it hit me that being sick can really provide some great reflection time.

Being sick the past week or so (Costa Rica gave me, my girlfriend, and about six others on our tour a going away present we didn’t want) has provided a reminder that my health is something I tend to take for granted. Gonna try not to do that anymore.

Hope you’re all well, wherever you are. Looking forward to being back to full strength sometime soon here 🙂

Have a good day.

5 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. I’m with ya bro. Just gettn’ over it. Still a little rocky. Wasn’t too bad, temp only 101. Still got fever dreams with it, but didn’t get delirious anyway.



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