Let’s Rock

I recently discovered Air1 Radio. Good stuff. Worth checking out if you like Christian and/or alternative rock music.

I’ve heard this song several times on there. It has a little more ‘muscle’ than most of the songs I post on here but hey, it’s Friday…let’s rock!

(Oh, and the song has a terrific message if you stop head banging long enough to listen to what they’re saying.)

Have a great day and weekend everyone.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Rock”

  1. Thanks for sharing Brian! I tell ya what, it’s a far cry from my Catholic upbringing but I love it, seriously, it is fabulous. I love KLove too… Music is universal, the message is awesome. We are never alone.


    1. As someone who was also raised Catholic, I know what you mean. K Love is also good, yep. And I totally agree that music is universal. I love music and it speaks to me in so many ways. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you liked the post 🙂


    1. I listen to it online, Terry. Guess I should have clarified that. You can find it on IHeart radio, or the web link connected to the station’s name in my post. Probably other places too. I really like it.



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