Isaiah 40
31 But those who trust the Lord
    will find new strength.
They will be strong like eagles
    soaring upward on wings;
they will walk and run
    without getting tired.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our everyday struggles and forget that this strength is available to us. I know I do sometimes.

Things will be going along just fine and then, boom. Out of the blue, troubles arise. I don’t know about anyone else out there but sometimes I realize right at those moments that when it had been smooth sailing for a while, perhaps I wasn’t as close to God as I should have been.

More specifically, when tough times come my way, I’m reminded that I need to trust God more.

So, why trust God? Well, I don’t think I need to tell you that if you place your trust solely in other people or things here on Earth, there is a lot of disappointment waiting down that path.

We’re all human beings and no one is perfect. People will disappoint you. (We’ll disappoint others, too.) Plans won’t go the way you intended. Seemingly good things can go bad. Heartache is right around the corner.

But, strength is always there for us and it comes by trusting that God is in control and that He has a good plan for our lives.

Easier said than done? Absolutely! But today I’m reminding myself of that strength, and reminding myself where I need to place my trust.

Perhaps someone else out there needs this reminder, too. May you find new strength today.

Have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. Jesus came to show and spread love. Everything about his time here was a loving act. He died for love never giving up on the people around him. I remind myself, even if things aren’t going as we planned, everything in life is with love.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I like what you said about Jesus never giving up on the people around him. I agree 100% with that. As someone who’s been far from perfect in my life, I think no one should be given up on and hope that is how others see me as well. We’re all works in progress. My problem is that I tend to base my peace of mind on happenings here on Earth and other people sometimes, too – and it’s not their job to provide that. I put too much emphasis on it though, and thus, today’s reminder to myself to take that burden off of them and give it to God. Thanks again for the comment!


  2. this was very uplifting and i found it was speaking to me. i try really hard, but i think i get so tired with each day being the same, that sometimes i just want a rest


    1. I’m glad you found the verse uplifting, Terry. I totally understand what you’re saying. It’s a constant battle for me. I’m so easily discouraged by things that take place around me sometimes, and I have to remind myself with verses like this one to focus on God instead of what’s going on here. I get tired, too. I hope you have a good day today.


  3. A great encouragement to remember the true source of our strength. I so easily trust in myself or others over him – it’s crazy isn’t it. May we be continually reminded of Him in everything.



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