My friends, the time has come for me to embark on a journey…a journey to sunny southern California for a weeklong vacation with my family 🙂

I am looking forward to spending time with the core group of people in my life. It will be great to have everyone in the same place and I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to be together with my loved ones. It should be a memorable trip.

To my fellow bloggers, let me just take a moment today to say thank you for continuing to stop by and for reading the things I write here. I am humbled by your kind comments and by the fact that you take the time to read these posts.

I really enjoy reading the posts on your blogs as well. I am inspired by so much of what I see written by all of you. Keep up the good work!

I’ll have my laptop with me on the trip so who knows, a mid-vacation blog post could be forthcoming. If not, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until next time, God bless.

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