That Doo-wop Song in the NFL Commercial

Was I the only one who was curious what song was playing in the background after seeing the ad a few times this afternoon? Well if you were wondering too, here it is:

‘Every Day of the Week’ by The Students.

Love it. I’m a big Doo-wop fan. Will be downloading this one in just a bit.

Actually it reminds me of another favorite of mine:

‘Bristol Stomp’ by The Dovells

Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Either way, good stuff. Gotta love a little Doo-wop during a football game 🙂

Update: I’m told it may have been a local band’s version of the song that was played in the commercial. Interesting. Either way, it’s a great tune!

19 thoughts on “That Doo-wop Song in the NFL Commercial”

  1. I love this song so much and I love you for finding you and posting this!!!!! Nice work Brian!! You do not know how long I have tried to find this song!! I could just kiss you! Thanks sooo much!


    1. 🙂 You’re welcome, Lisa. Love your comment btw…and I know what it’s like to look forever for a song too, so I’m just glad I could help ya out. Have a great day and thanks for checking out the blog.


    1. Stephen, I think the answer to that question could be the ‘Bonus Answer’ to the original question in a trivia night somewhere! I’m not sure but would be interested to see what that local band’s name is. Will have to look into it. Thanks for checking out the blog btw.


  2. I too was very curious about this song! Thanks for helping me find it. I absolutely love doo wop and I’m 29 years old. Good stuff!


  3. Thanks, Brian. I’ve heard a few people say they did not use the original version by the Students. It was claimed they used a Pittsburgh acapella group.



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