Good Times on the Golf Course

The strangest thing happened this evening. I played golf – reasonably well.

I have tried to think back through the years for another outing where I actually resembled someone who has any business actually being on a golf course and I’ve come up with nothing. I am below average, at best.

Still, tonight was nothing special in the big picture. My round was still not as good as a decent golfer’s bad round, but for me it was amazing…and I was loving it.

Multiple pars in a row. That’s never happened. Hitting approach shots to within five feet of the pin on multiple occasions. That’s new. Greens in regulation. Huh? Long putts dropping in. No way. Blind shots over trees with correct distance and aim. This was clearly not me.

I found myself saying ‘thanks God’ a lot of times out there. It was really neat to actually hit some decent shots on a regular basis. Beautiful evening. Nice course. Three-and-a-half hours of peaceful solitude. Ahh.

Little things in life make me happy. This very minor and less than spectacular thing qualifies as one of them. It was a good day 🙂


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