Matt Gabriel Band (Check Out Their Music!)

I was at Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend and stopped at a music tent to listen to a local band play for a few minutes. I was very impressed.

Matt Gabriel is the name of the artist. Matt Gabriel Band is the name of the group. Take a moment and check out the band’s website on Reverb Nation:

You’ll find playable (full-length) versions of his songs on that site. Be sure to listen to ‘Irish Eyes‘ while you’re there. What a great song.

I hope Matt and his band find great success with their talents. The drummer who accompanies him provides additional vocals and together their harmonies are very good; particularly on that ‘Irish Eyes’ song. Man, what a good tune.

So take a listen and if you like what you hear, go check them out sometime…or if you’re not able to get to Michigan, just visit their iTunes site and download the songs instead. Enjoy.

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