Making Things Right at Notre Dame

Here is some good news.

The University of Notre Dame is making big changes to its football practice filming policy, in light of last year’s death of Declan Sullivan.

You may recall that Declan fell to his death after strong winds knocked over the hydraulic lift he was standing in while filming a football practice session last October. It was a tragic and unnecessary death and the school was roundly criticized for its decision to send someone up in a portable scissor lift on such a windy day.

According to the report mentioned above, remote-controlled cameras will be installed at several locations above the practice field. Human operated cameras will still be used to get footage from a couple of permanent structures but the days of Notre Dame students being sent up in portable lifts to get footage of football practice are apparently over. This is a good thing.

Kudos to Notre Dame for finally getting it right. The days after Declan’s death were made worse by a lack of responsibility being taken by school officials as well as the coinciding lack of action at the time.

This upcoming change shows that the school has taken Declan’s life seriously and it is good to know they have made some real adjustments so something like this won’t happen again to other young men or women.

Now it’s time for other schools to do the same.


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