Farewell, Flip

I finally did it…got rid of my old flip phone and made a small step toward joining the rest of the planet by picking up a quasi-modern one to use instead.

I say quasi-modern because while this new phone does have the must-have (at least everyone tells me it’s a must-have) touch screen, it’s still pretty basic and its name does not include the words ‘Droid’ or ‘iPhone.’

I can make things move on the screen now. Yay. More importantly, the new phone has a slide-out keyboard for typing the eight billion text messages I send every month. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

The thought of typing all of those text messages on a finicky touch screen almost made me ill, so the slide-out keyboard was a must for me. So far so good.

I like the interface of the new phone and I like the features it offers. Nothing flashy. Nothing that will make it one of the best-sellers out there. Oh and no pricey data package (see: rip-off) needed either. I’m not spending a fortune on a phone.

Still, this new phone offers more than I need and it’s equipped to do what I want to do. I’m happy with it. Plus it kind of looks like one of the fancy phones so at least I will have a moderate amount of street cred when I use it in public…which is key, as you all know.

So I have bid my flip phone adieu. It won’t be going far, though. A couple of kids I know (see: my sons) are planning on using it, sans network connection, to take pictures and shoot video clips around the house. They’re beyond excited.

Nice to know the ‘ol fliparoo is still going to be around. Safe to say the kiddos will have a lot of fun with it. I can only imagine what kind of goofy photos and videos will show up with those two at the controls.

Who knew that old phone would last as long as it did – and become an outstanding re-gift after its initial lifespan? 🙂 Not me. Enjoy your next mission, flip phone. I am sure your new ‘owners’ will take good care of ya.


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