The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round…

You know the rest of the song. I’m not going to sing it for you. This is a blog, not a karaoke forum.

Anyway the point of this entry is to talk about the upsides of public transit. It’s something that many people never think about but it is worth exploring if you haven’t already.

Peoria’s public transit service is called CityLink. If you take a look at their website you can see the variety of routes offered and the wide range of locations served. You can get around just about anywhere in this area by bus. I honestly didn’t know that until just recently.

I have lived in my current residence for about two years. Until this week I had never taken the bus anywhere in Peoria, despite the fact that there is a stop just a few paces away from my front door. After having my car in the shop the past several days I can now say that I have taken the bus numerous times and that I will be taking it again in the future.

I was able to get on the bus near my house and get off the bus near my office while only needing to take a few steps in the frigid cold (with the exception of one day, when I wasn’t at the correct spot and missed it – oops.)

It’s really convenient for me. Perhaps it’s not exactly that easy for others but again, check the route map and you’ll see that CityLink travels throughout Peoria and the surrounding areas. The frequency of the buses is pretty impressive too.

Plus, the prices aren’t bad at all. I took a bus to North Pekin to pick up my car this afternoon. It cost me a buck. Can’t beat that. It has been far more cost-effective to ride the bus than catching cabs or renting a car during this time.

Granted, pretty much anyone reading this who lives in or near a large city will probably be like, ‘Dude. I have been taking the bus/train for years.’ But my hope is that those in other areas who might not know much about public transit options will look into it. It’s a great asset but it is too often overlooked – which I am certainly guilty of doing, as mentioned above.

So I’m thinking of incorporating bus rides into my regular commute to work in the weeks and months ahead. Why not? Maybe not every day but at least some of the time. No reason to drive to and from work when I really don’t have to. I use public transit every time I’m in Chicago. Might as well use it here at home too.

I mean really. The bus is already running. Why burn the extra gas? Why deal with warming up my car in the winter? Why bother with parking garages which I obviously cannot navigate my way through? 😉 All the signs point toward me taking advantage of this service, now that I know what it has to offer.

…all through the town. (You knew I was going to finish the song, didn’t you?)

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