Devastating – Depending on Who You Ask


The casino execs in Vegas are worried about the potential NFL strike next season. Seems if there is no football, their revenues will go down dramatically. While I do feel for the employees should it get bad enough they would have to lay people off…I have to shake my head when I read this.

Devastating? Really? So people will have to find something else to do and perhaps a more constructive use of their time and money instead of spending it on sports betting, huh? Doesn’t seem very devastating to me. Seems like more of an opportunity instead.

If there is no football next year it will stink for fans everywhere. The powers that be will be making a big mistake to alienate their legions of avid supporters if they end up bagging it next year. But I’m sorry, this article just seems like a bit of a stretch when it comes to the potential effects of a strike.

What’s really devastating are the addictions that form when it comes to sports betting and the losses people rack up financially, in relationships, and in control of their lives. So I’m sorry but I don’t have much sympathy for the Vegas casinos. Somehow I am sure life will go on – even if they don’t.



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