Help (iMovie Insanity)

Does anyone know anything about video editing on a Mac? I am not a Mac person – never have been and more than likely never will be. But I am in need of some expertise as a project I am helping with is currently in a bit of limbo due to, well, I don’t know what or else I wouldn’t be typing this.

The project is being edited on iMovie. Perhaps that’s the first problem. Never used it before and I will admit that I despite a fairly extensive knowledge of video editing, I have no answers to the curves this program is throwing at us.

For whatever reason the clips will all line up and play correctly in the timeline but when you go to export the movie or burn it to a DVD it goes haywire. By that I mean some of the clips will have their audio playing before the video, some will have no audio at all, and more.

It doesn’t make sense. I have done the normal troubleshooting of checking transitions, levels, etc. Nothing fixes it. Have tried going into the cache files and removing the one for iMovie, after reading a suggestion online. Have hit numerous other online help pages and while the good part is we are apparently not alone, it still doesn’t solve the problem and meanwhile this video is sitting idle instead of going where it needs to go.

So, if you know anything about the Mac or this rather finicky software (or if you can suggest any reasonably priced software that’s better) I ask you to please comment below. I would greatly appreciate it. The folks who are in charge of making this video would too.

Thanks so much.



4 thoughts on “Help (iMovie Insanity)”

    1. I think I have used that on my PC and with some success…yep. It’s funny, I normally do pretty well with editing stuff but I just got really stumped with this particular issue and I wanted so badly to make it work ya know? Fighting the good fight here, haha.



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