Parking Garage Problems


The dreaded parking garage at work. Home to my car on weekdays and site of countless evenings of me forgetting which row I am parked in and wandering aimlessly trying to find it, as well as the site of someone dinging up the bumper one day after they tried to take a turn too closely…

…and now this:


Yep, that’s a nice dent/scratch combo as well as the remains of the sideview mirror  – courtesy of one of the poles that is strategically positioned to attack your car as you try to squeeze into a toaster-wide slot with another car parked right on the line next to you. Unbelievable.

Every day is a game of inches in there. Driving one of those Mini cars or perhaps a motorcycle or really, a matchbox car would afford enough space to get around these evil posts comfortably. None of those are the case for me however and the G6 took a body blow today as a result.

Dumb post. Even dumber driver 🙂 Sigh. Thank goodness for a low deductible. To the claims center I go.

Maybe I should just walk to work from now on. The one mile hike in the snow, while a bit chilly, won’t take much longer than it usually takes me to find my car anyway and at least the poor car won’t sustain any more damage that way either. Oh and I’ll get some exercise too. Time to go dig up those hiking boots..


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