Update: Critter Watch

The update is…there is no update. Sigh.

It’s snowing outside. That’s new. Maybe my guest from the other night is out practicing his sledding. Hope so. In the meantime, I’ll be here waiting to see if he decides to stop by for another visit – and watching the snow. Ahh, snow. If only its existence didn’t depend on it being freezing cold at the same time, its popularity would increase exponentially amongst those of us who live in climates where it shows up oh so frequently.

Gotta admit, I’ll take snow over the critter any day though. It could snow for the next month straight and I’d take that over this thing popping in and hanging out in my attic again. Of course I should probably be careful what I wish for with the white stuff…as soon as I say that we’ll end up being marooned in a blizzard around here 🙂

Ah well. Time to think of warm weather, maybe a beach, and a lack of things running around above me. And…go.



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