An Unwanted Guest

Well, this was inevitable. When you live in a 100+ year old house with an attic you’re bound to have one of these pay a visit at some point. That ‘some point’ came last night, as I was attempting to unwind on the couch.

It goes without saying that the sound of scratching on the ceiling isn’t exactly what you want to hear when the sound of silence is what you are hoping for. Slightly unsettling to say the least 🙂 I went through the initial brainstorming of ‘What the heck is that?’ before making the ugly realization that something was up there, enjoying an evening above me. Raccoon, possum, squirrel…or worse. Who knows.

As you might imagine the first call this morning was of a request to get whatever the heck it might be out of there. I love having guests over but I prefer them to be human. Sorry critter, it isn’t personal.

So the guy came over a few hours later – with what looked like a dog kennel of some sort. I’m like, ‘What the heck is he here to catch? Isn’t deer hunting season over?’ Anyway, he took the thing up to the attic…along with a granola bar, which is apparently the snack of choice for critters. A few minutes of rumbling around later and he was done setting the trap.

It’s not going to hurt the little guy. Just a quick shutting door and this thing will be in much small quarters than it’s used to, that’s all. Nice to know there won’t be a carcass in my attic. But I was told that I will likely not only hear the metal door clang shut whenever my guest goes for his complimentary treat, but I will also then hear this thing scampering back and forth inside the trap (uninjured but obviously upset and certainly frazzled) trying to get out. Great.

The guy is coming back in a few days to check back on the situation up there. My only hope now is that the thing either A) doesn’t come back, or B) gets shut in there while I am not around and then decides to take a long winter’s nap until the guy comes back to take him back to his permanent address in the woods. Something tells me it will be option C) a loud bang and then repeated scampering back and forth until I lose all peace of mind I have living here. Ah well 🙂 No complaints, it’s part of life.

Another interesting note with this, the guy did mention that if it’s a raccoon he’s going to take it home and eat it. I’m not kidding. I don’t know what to think about that. Sheesh. I guess it is his trap. Do what you’ve gotta do buddy…just don’t use my grill, ok? Thanks.

Note to critter: I have nothing against you but there is a permanent ‘No Vacancy’ policy in my attic…and furthermore I really don’t want you to be someone’s dinner, so maybe find somewhere else to hang out. I think that would be best. For you and for me. Good luck to you, whatever you are.



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