Be True to Your School

So you went to college, paid your student loans, and that’s it. Maybe you’re going to college now or perhaps you’re still paying those loans. Wherever you are on the timeline…is that the end of the story for you when it comes to your school? Just a few words to let you know it doesn’t have to be – nor should it be!

Had the opportunity to join fellow Bradley University alums at a forum on campus this evening. We were invited to give feedback about our experience on the Hilltop. During the discussion, those in attendance gave any number of examples of how their time at Bradley has benefited them in their lives today. What caught my attention though was when the responses shifted to what people are doing to give back. Not just from a financial perspective but from a service standpoint as well.

Folks, there are numerous opportunities out there for you to get involved with the institution of higher learning that served as your home for four (or five, or six, or..) years. As much as financial support helps you can certainly do your part in ways that don’t require you to dig into your wallet.

Whether it’s getting involved with an alumni affinity group, attending alumni functions, speaking to students in a classroom, participating in job fairs…the list is much longer than this…you have a chance to not only support your school with the gift of your time but also have a lot of fun in the process. From personal experience doing some of these things in recent years I can tell you it’s been great to be involved once again. My only regret is that I waited so long to do so.

As I told the group during my comments this evening, my time at Bradley will always mean a lot to me. The question I responded to asked what the school did for me professionally and personally. For starters, the skills I learned through my course work there helped me get a job shortly after I graduated. The professors were top-notch and the resources were plentiful. Plus I made some lifelong friends. These are people I still talk with and get together with on a regular basis. Our kids hang out together sometimes. I’ve attended their weddings. I know their parents. Lifelong bonds that I am truly thankful for. Bradley was really good to me.

Perhaps you feel the same way about your college experience. Well, maybe it’s time to consider getting involved as an alumnus. These thoughts aren’t just directed at my fellow Bradley University alums by the way. They’re for anyone. Look into it. Whether you happen to live in your college town or if you’re thousands of miles away I’ll bet you will be surprised just how easy – and rewarding – it is to give back to your alma mater.


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