Giving It Away

Saw this last night and let me tell you, it certainly brought a smile to my face.

Where do I begin? I guess I will start by saying that it is so refreshing in our ‘Me First!’ world and with all of the focus on individual riches and possessions that you see everywhere on television, etc…that these folks just gave away the overwhelming majority of their fortune. That is just plain awesome.

Now granted, according to the reports they were at least somewhat financially secure so some might say they didn’t need it. Not the point. Read more. These folks aren’t living a life of luxury. They don’t drive new cars. Heck, they don’t even have a microwave. Not exactly extravagant living here. But yet, simple living. Peaceful living. A life where the love they share and the times they spend together is enough.

And so they gave the money away. The majority of an $11 million jackpot – out the door. Charities, research foundations, churches, and more are now all benefiting from this couple’s generosity. I just love stuff like this. There is so much good that can be done in the world and stories like this one serve as a great reminder to think of others first. Doesn’t have to be with your wallet though. It could be with your time, your talents…whatever it might be. There’s a message in this story and it’s a really good one.

At the same time it serves as a great example of love. Allen Large says it best, ‘The money that we won was nothing – we have each other.’ I’ll admit, I am a bit envious of this man’s mentality. It seems as though our culture is always (whether directly or indirectly) teaching us to have and want ‘more, more, more’ in all aspects of our lives but in reality, sometimes less IS more. Something to think about..


2 thoughts on “Giving It Away”

  1. I read this myself last night. I was moved by their generous spirit. I think when they were faced with the Violet’s cancer, they must have taken it as a second chance. I think they past any test that the money might have been. I don’t know that I could do the same. I have heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t make you rich, life does.” I think that is certainly proven with this story.



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