A Little Post-Election Day Break

Last night was a long night. Why I’m up now at 5:30 in the morning, I have no idea…considering the fact that I just got to bed a couple of hours ago you’d think I’d be clinging to sleep. Guess not. Oh well. It was a crazy night. Congratulations to those who won and condolences to those who didn’t.

Whichever side you ended up on, I think we all need a little relief from the stuff. And so I present you with this.

Perhaps you have already seen it. Maybe you haven’t. Either way I hope it gives you a laugh. This has to be the worst commercial in the history of television. As if this product wasn’t already leading the way in the Hall of Shame of consumer items, these folks have taken it to an entirely different level by meshing it with the worst song in the history of radio! Bravo, Snuggie. You have officially secured your place in the history books. The bar has been raised – err, well, lowered really for all who will follow you. Well done.

Hmm, it’s kinda chilly in here while I’m typing this and you know, it would be nice if this blanket over me had a little more flexibility. Wonder if they’ll ever come up with something like that. Oh wait.. 😉

5 thoughts on “A Little Post-Election Day Break”

  1. Bri; loving your Blog Site!!!! Will be tuning in daily to see what’s going on in that mind of yours :)) Have a great day; talk to you soon! Debbie


  2. Funny you post this, as I’m in ‘up-all-night-mode’ myself, endlessly trying to wrap my sock-less feet around the end of my blanket for warmth, as well as to secure my place in dreamland. Where is the local door-to-door Snuggie salesman when I need it?!
    It’s gonna be a long day. And on top of that, I’m gonna have that ridiculously obnoxious remake of that shouldn’t-have-even-been-allowed-to-be-a-song-in-the-first-place Macarana. Shame on you, overly catchy latin-ish beat.
    Good Morning Super Insomnia Club, Wake Up And Rage!



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